Guess what? Unexpectedly, one member of this trendy DJ duo reached out to me last year, requesting permission to incorporate my vocoder vocals from my track “View From A Bridge” into their techno-dance rendition of the song. Without hesitation, I agreed to collaborate! However, things took a turn. Several months passed without any communication, no payment as promised, and no sign of the release. As a result, I decided to take control and crafted my own clubmix of the song. And this is it.

But guess what… Just today I got an email from the DJ duo’s management telling me that they were finally going to release the techno dance version with my vocals! It’s due to be released in June under the title “The Bridge” on REALM Records UK. What a twist in the tale… so exciting! 😎

Synthesizers: Universal Audio Polymax, Baby Audio BA-1,
Cherry Audio SEM, Arturia Vocoder
Drums: Cherry Audio CR-78, Roland TR-08
Vocals: Yuri Cosmonaut
DAW: Apple Logic Pro X

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