The Korg M1 synthesizer with its «Organ 2» preset was influential in the 90s for the rather commercial house sound of the time. Examples are the great anthems by Robin S. «Show Me Love», Nightcrawlers «Push The Feeling On», Jaydee «Plastic Dreams» or Crystal Waters with «Gipsy Woman». For a few years there was almost an overdose of releases with this sound – at some point people got fed up with it. It took until 2001 that someone dared to use this sound again: It was Kylie Minogue with «Can’t Get You Out of My Head» – a huge hit.
And since a Korg M1 arrived in my little studio more by chance in the last few weeks, I naturally wanted to create a track with it as well. And here it is. I also used the new little synth from Baby Audio BA-1 for the track.

Synthesizers: Korg M1, Baby Audio BA-1, Cherry Audio Mercury-4, Arturia Jun-6 & Jup-8,
Drums: XLN XO
DAW: Apple Logic Pro X


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